What are cheese caramels?

Cheese caramels are the bomb! They are an unctuous, deep, rich flavored caramel unlike anything else. Sweet, savory and umami all at once, they defy both categories of cheese and caramel. Cheese lovers love them. caramel lovers love them, and people who are normally adverse to each love them. 


We make a cheese sauce by melting freshly grated cheese into heavy cream. When the sugar mix is caramelized in a large vat, we carefully pour in the cheese sauce. It is in this beautiful moment, that the cheese and sugars cook and melt together into one luscious caramel. We pour the caramel into large sheets, allow it to set over night, and then package it for your own enjoyment. 

How should i eat caramels?

We like them straight out of the box as candies, but cheese caramel is also great added to a cheese board or as a pairing for coffee, wine, whisky, or beer. If you're feeling culinary, it's also awesome melted with a little water or cream on the stove top, and then drizzled over popcorn. See some of our ideas for how to eat it here

what is gruyere AOP Cheese?

Swiss Gruyere AOP is the one and only authentic Gruyere in the world. The cheese is produced by village dairies in the district of La Gruyere in the Canton of Fribourg - but also in the cantons of Vaud, Neuchatel, and Jura, as well as in a few municipalities of Bern. The AOP mark stands for Appellation d'Origine Protegee, and it protects the methods of Gruyere from pastured land to final wheel. Gruyere AOP has been produced since the year 1115; over 900 years! It is characteristically savory and nutty, with caramel-like notes. It is a perfect marriage of flavor and texture for our caramels.


Where can i find caramels?

You can buy them online here, or if you live in or near NYC, check our list of local stockists hereFor special orders, feel free to email us at callmecaramelinc@gmail.com.

Who are you? 

The coolest, obviously. Jessica Sennett, cheese nerd extraordinaire, and Steve Earthman, personal nutrition consultant who decided to make candy instead.