jessica Sennett

has specialized in cheese making and cheese retail for 10 years.  She has worked at many acclaimed cheese shops including Cowgirl Creamery, Formaggio Kitchen and Bedford Cheese Shop in addition to apprenticing in France and Washington. Jessica is founder and inventor of Cheese Grotto, an American made cheese humidor. She makes her own cheese and is also well-versed in tasting, educating, and cooking with dairy. 


steve earthman

has been a fiend for sweets his entire life. Working in and around the culinary world for the last 5 years as nutritional educator, health counselor, trainer, and cook, he has seen and tasted his fair share of snacks. Being a NY native, he has grown up around food from every possible culture and taken every opportunity to try them all. Making his own sweet treats seemed like a natural next step, so when Jessica Sennett presented him with the idea of partnering up to develop and produce the flavor bombs that are cheese caramels, how could he say no?!